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Shoppe Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme Review LIVE DEMO

Download Shoppe Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme now!

Shoppe –  A  Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme by Themify.

Shoppe is a multi-purpose WooCommerce theme that helps you create professional eCommerce sites in few minutes.

It comes with the drag & drop Themify Builder and many eCommerce features such as ajax cart, wishlist, quick look lightbox, ajax quick search, product image zoom/gallery, and tons of layout options.

Download Themify - Shoppe Multipurpose WordPress WooCommerceTheme for creating all type of stunning store websites

Main features of Shoppe eCommerce Online Store  WordPress theme are as follows:

  • Theme Skins & Instant Demo Import
    Just install the free WooCommerce plugin and the Shoppe theme, then click demo import – within a minute, you will get an exact shop site like our demo. Shoppe theme offers additional theme skins that can transform your site with a completely different look & feel. Select a skin and click import demo, to setup your site instantly like our demo.

    Shoppe eCommerce theme by Themify - Starter Sites Demos for different niche store websites

  • Drag & Drop Builder
    Using Themify Builder, you can build almost any layout you can imagine and it will be responsive. If time is a concern, simply import a pre-designed layout included in the theme. There are over 60+ regular layouts and 20+ shop landing page layouts.
  • Smart & Flexible Layout Options
    Shoppe theme includes tons of layout options. The layout resource files (CSS and Javascript) are smartly loaded when the layout is selected, making the theme load fast without having to load all unnecessary files. It is so flexible that you can select the layout either for the entire site or per page basis (ie. you can have a different layout on different pages if you wish).
  • 14 Header Layouts
    Over 14 header layout options are availablewhether you like it minimal, tall, skinny, big, left, right, fullwidth, or boxed, you got it!
  • 9 Archive Layouts
    For post archive layouts, there are traditional list-posts, 4-column, 3-column, 2-column, or tiles, and sliders with additional options like masonry, overlay, and polaroid style.
  • 6 Footer Layouts
    The footer offers various layouts like block style, left and right column styles.
  • Shop Features
    Building an eCommerce site has never been so easy with Shoppe theme. Impress your visitors with these shop features – it’ll make your shop feel like a big brand.

    • Ajax Cart
      When users add an item to the cart, it instantly updates the dropdown cart on the header without reloading the page. Users can view the cart total as well as remove items on the ajax cart.
    • Wishlist
      The Wishlist feature allows users to add their favorite items to revisit later. When an item is wishlisted, there is a sparkling animation to enhance the user’s experience.
    • Quick Look
      Quick look allows users to view the details of an item in a lightbox without going to the product page. A nifty flipping animation will show when the quick look lightbox is loading.
    • Gallery Slider
      On archive product, when the product image is hovered over, an ajax product gallery slider will appear allowing the user to see all product images.
    • Image Zoom
      Image zoom allows users to click to view a large version of the product image. It works on desktop, tablet, and mobile.
    • Product Share
      A convenient share button is placed next to the buy button. Having an easy-to-access share button increases sharing rate.
  • Ajax Quick Search
    One of the powerful features in Shoppe theme is the ajax search function. It allows users to quickly search anything on your site and filter the search results between the blog posts and products.
  • Mega Menu
    Display multi-column dropdown menus on the main navigation such as blog posts, and any WordPress widgets like recent products, WooCommerce categories, text widget, etc.
  • Bonus Addons (Value Over $100)
    Make more beautiful layouts with the Builder Addons. Purchasing Shoppe will give you access to 12 bonus addons, that is valued at over $100.
  • Footer Social Banners
    Don’t let visitors miss out on your social media networks, add the customizable social banners in the footer area.

The Shoppe Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme is designed to be versatile and adaptable for various types of e-commerce websites. Here are some key areas or niches where the Shoppe theme can be effectively used:

  • Fashion and Apparel: Ideal for online clothing stores, boutique fashion outlets, and apparel brands. The theme offers customizable layouts and features to showcase products attractively.
  • Electronics and Gadgets: Suitable for tech stores selling electronics, gadgets, and accessories. It supports product categorization and filtering, making it easy for customers to find specific items.
  • Home and Furniture: Perfect for furniture stores, home decor shops, and interior design businesses. The theme’s design can highlight product images and descriptions effectively.
  • Health and Beauty: Great for cosmetics, skincare, and health product stores. It provides options for product variations, reviews, and promotional features.
  • Food and Beverage: Useful for online food shops, gourmet stores, and beverage sellers. The theme supports showcasing food products with high-quality images and detailed descriptions.
  • Sports and Outdoors: Well-suited for sports equipment stores, outdoor gear shops, and fitness product retailers. It includes features for product specifications, reviews, and related product recommendations.
  • Books and Media: Designed for bookstores, media outlets, and online publishing platforms. The theme supports categorizing books, displaying author information, and integrating with e-book selling platforms.
  • Toys and Kids: Ideal for toy stores, children’s clothing shops, and educational toy sellers. It includes features for showcasing playful designs and child-friendly product displays.
  • Jewelry and Accessories: Tailored for jewelry stores, accessory boutiques, and luxury goods retailers. The theme offers options for displaying intricate details and high-value items effectively.
  • Art and Crafts: Suitable for art supply stores, handmade crafts shops, and artisanal goods sellers. It supports showcasing unique products with customizable galleries and artist profiles.
  • Specialty and Niche Stores: Can be adapted for specialized stores such as pet supplies, vintage goods, niche hobby items, and more. The theme’s flexibility allows customization to match unique branding and product offerings.

Conclusion: Overall, Shoppe Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme caters to a wide range of e-commerce niches by providing customizable layouts, extensive feature sets, and responsive design capabilities, making it a versatile choice for various online store types.

Donwload Shoppe Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme
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Shoppe Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme Download
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